Mirip Seo Ji Hye ! ini Pesona Cantik Raline Shah #dirumahaja

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potret cantik Raline Shah

RALINE Shah makin memesona saat Work From Home (WFH). Diapun membagikan aktivitasnya di media sosial.

Meski di rumah saja, Raline Shah berusaha tetap semangat bekerja dan meeting online. Hal itu diungkapkannya lewat laman Instagram pribadinya @ralineshah.

“Aku berusaha untuk tetap semangat bekerja dan meeting online selama #dirumahaja,” katanya.

Tak cukup itu, beberapa potret cantik Raline Shah saat WFH pun bakal diulas lebih lanjut. Penasaran kan?

Cantiknya saat menghadap laptop

Aktivitas sehari-hari Raline Shah langsung berubah saat WFH. Setiap hari dia harus menghadap laptop, sesekali sambil minum teh atau ngopi cantik. Nah, meski di rumah saja, Raline Shah tetap makeup loh. Dia juga menata gaya rambutnya yang rapi dan menggunakan pakaian rapi, layaknya bekerja di luar rumah.


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“ I’m starting with the man in the mirror I'm asking him to change his ways And no message could have been any clearer If you want to make the world a better place Take a look at yourself, and then make a change.” An 80’s kid would remember the lyrics of this Michael Jackson song “Man in the mirror”. As a kid I thought it an interesting concept but I really understand and believe in it now….It maybe the only thing you are able to change, yourself. These are uncertain times with deep fears about the future. So many plans have been cancelled and the global pause button is on. All I instinctively want to do is stay in and close my ears and eyes to the noise. What Im going to instead is shut my mouth! I have decided to do a silent meditation for 7 days with no talking (obviously), no mobile phones, music or books. Pre prepared plant based meals and staying solo indoors. I’ve spent so much time mastering meditation these past 2 years but finally I have an opportunity now to detox from life and attempt Vipassanā-style meditation. Vipassanā means "see clearly," and the practice centers around the idea that inside ourselves and in the world around us, things are uncertain and uncontrollable. In theory once we are able to stay quiet for a few days we would be able quieten the mind and be able to stay centered. I bought this “In silence” badge (refer to slide 2) back in 2006 in Pune, India. Now, 14 years later in 2020 Im going to finally be able to put it on! I love challenges and I have a big feeling this will be a tough one. Will share the benefits once I experience it for myself. I will (not) miss my phone! As they say silence is Golden speech is silver.. Staying in and staying golden for the next one week? Wish me luck! Adios muchachos (and muchachas)??❤️ #mindfullness #meditation #silence #socialdistancing

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Untuk merilis stres di rumah saja, Raline Shah juga rajin meditasi. Tampilannya juga oke banget kan, mengenakan kaus putih dan celana jeans, dipadukan white sneakers. Senyum tipisnya manis banget!

Duh, Raline Shah sudah mulai masuk ke dapur nih. Ya dia belajar masak dan dandan cantik menggunakan apron. Seperti sudah lihat dan malah ada netizen yang gagal fokus melihatnya. Raline disebut-sebut mirip dengan Seo Ji Hye pemeran Seo Dan di drama Korea Crash Landing On You loh.

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